Dunes Centre | Abuja | Nigeria
Fatima Kachallah Monguno is an alumnus of University of Reading UK, where she graduated with an undergraduate degree in Master of Pharmacy. She’s  currently a practicing pharmacist, registered both in the UK And Nigeria.

Fatima is a very active person which makes her interested in outdoor events and sports. She especially enjoys helping her community in any way she can, so she does a lot of voluntary work.Throughout her schooling years, she has gained quite a few achievements, the highlights being the best graduating student in her secondary school and very recently, graduating with a first class honours from University. She has always been an over-achiever and naturally therefore, aspire to do and be a lot of things.

More often along the way to success, one needs inspiration and real experiences from people to help get to where we want to be. This is how she found and fell in love with Ted, and why she is so honoured to be a part of the organisers of a Ted talk. Hopefully others get to be inspired and learn a lot like she has have from this event