Dunes Centre | Abuja | Nigeria
“I consider myself somebody with an unlimited amount of curiosity in an almost unlimited amount of directions” – Rem Koolhaas

Ihsan Ibrahim is a graduate of Architecture. Born and raised in Kano to career civil servants, it was important she understood the significance of education and its power to move the world forward. Her love for the arts, design, fashion and culture was cultivated at quite an early age.

Through which she found a voice to be part of her community’s narrative. She volunteers with various NGOs that are dedicated to improving the lives of the less privileged by empowering through education and skill acquisition. Her love for her community piqued her interest in sustainability, where she plans on furthering her studies and pursuing a career in Sustainable Architecture, with the hopes of coming back home to implement her acquired knowledge.

 Daughter, Sister, friend, full-time arts enthusiast, and part-time dreamer