Dunes Centre | Abuja | Nigeria
Aisha Farida Aminu is a young Architect with a passion for sustainable art and architecture. She has a creative streak that constantly pushes her to explore different ways she can put elements of the environment into use to create art works and designs with a cultural identity.

Aisha’s enthusiasm about the environment has led her to spend her spare time travelling, visiting historical monuments, museums and galleries, and getting involved with discussions and workshops about the environment, architecture and cultural regeneration. She was an exhibitor at the 4th International Architectural Conservation Conference and a participant in the Stanford Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education. She also competed in the Emirates Environmental Group’s public speaking competition, where she gave a talk based on the topic “Global problems, local solutions” and earned the position of 3rd place.

Aisha loves getting involved with humanitarian causes and can constantly be found volunteering for campaigns such as the autism walk, the breast cancer awareness month, world earth day, and feed the children Ramadan drive. She can also be found tutoring architectural courses such as drafting and modeling, environmental systems and design, as well as history of architecture.