Dunes Centre | Abuja | Nigeria

Mohammed currently works at Road Sector Development Team as a Technical Assistant. Having been a graduate in Civil engineering at BSc level and Road engineering at MSc level, this allows him to execute his role as part of a surveying team across Northern Nigeria. One of the things he enjoys about  his job is being able to travel to the rural areas of the country on surveying projects. This allows him to experience and appreciate the local culture even more. It also inspires him to connect these rural communities with the larger part of the country so others can experience the wonderful cultures.

Mohammed believes that being a part of TEDx makes him more passionate about spreading ideas about local cultures and connecting distant people in some way to the cultures. His experience as a member of the organisational team of the previous TED event; TEDxYouth@Maitama, makes him hopeful about the ideas that will come out of and impact that this event will have.