Omolayo Joy Anjorin

Lead Organiser For Speakers


My name is Omolayo Joy/Angel Anjorin. A graduate of medicine from Kharkov National Medical University Ukraine, yes I am a Doctor. I am currently doing my internship at National Hospital Abuja.  Co-Founder of Youth4Youth. I am a woman after God’s heart hoping to fulfil His purpose on earth. Member: #Jesusgang, #fitfam, #dodogang, #ribenagang, #suyagang and Nigerian Jollof.

 I believe in the “power of a thought” and how it can shape the mind of a community at large, which is why I have always loved TED programs using 15 minutes to create ideas and change the way of thinking and as the saying goes “I think therefore I am.” over the years TED videos in it’s vastness from Esther Perel : Rethinking infidelity to  Sal Khan: Let’s teach for mastery has been able to change the way I think about love, vulnerability, procrastination, charity,  money …

 I am honored to be part of this organizing team of great minds and I am looking forward to not only meeting and networking with bright minds but to continually keep stretching my mind through the entire process of bringing TEDxMaitaima to life.