Aminu Maaji

Head of Operations
Aminu has always been fascinated by computers and technology particularly how they interact with humans and simplify complex processes. Throughout his tertiary education, BSc in Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB) from Keele University and an MSc in Information Systems for the University of Surrey, he has engaged with numerous IT related programs ranging from IT solutions, individual and group projects, to a placement year working in industry. These experiences have provided him with a unique blend of IT and business management skills particularly relating to how IT helps and compliments the overall business processes in organisations.

Having been part of the past organising team that brought TEDxYouth@Maitama, Aminu feesl the responsibility to continue helping spread great ideas and initiate discussions in technology, innovation and human progress in our local communities. That is why he is part of this great organisational team that brings TEDxMaitama. He believes that events like these serve as platforms for spreading ideas and learning new things about our wider world. His other interests and hobbies include sports and reading.

During his time at university, he was a member of the Keele University Athletic Union and captain of the Keele Crusaders American Football Club. He currently undergoing his National Youth Service as an IT support manager with TechVibes Nigeria Ltd.